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تاریخ بروز رسانی: 2023-01-29

Code of Ethics

Serve eagerly first step: the presence of timely and effective at work to respond favorably to the client. - Clarity in matters of appearance, signs of religious perfection and recommendations character. - Strengthening the foundations of Islamic values, politeness and courtesy, fairness and providing appropriate services to the people. - Pay special attention to the integrity and confidentiality, faithfulness, patience, criticism, tolerance, humility. - A spirit of cooperation with sobriety and affable when providing services to the public and clients. - Preparing and presenting information to appropriately documented and transparent to the client. - Motivation and work engagement of employees in order to improve organizational performance. - Duties with diligence and sustained effort with a positive attitude. - Equipping and preparing office space and improve the environment for enterprises to provide better service to the client. - Create the perfect environment for the growth of human dignity and ethical virtues in order to improve customer satisfaction. - Correct use of resources and avoid wasteful organization. - Create an atmosphere of intimacy and trust in staff and non-discrimination, Shayhsazy, slander, backbiting and gossiping. - Continuous implementation of the training program and justification for promoting a culture of reverence and clients. - Optimal use of administrative time and develop a schedule for providing services