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تاریخ بروز رسانی: 2022-08-04

Mission Statement Office of Tribal Affairs of Azerbaijan

Nomads country since the society productive and despite the fact that according to statistics, about 2 percent of the population make up and having over 24 million animal units (28% light livestock and 4% of cattle country's heavy), more than 20% of the production of meat and other animal products also have a significant role. In addition, about 48/1 million square meters of country crafts, historical and cultural values ​​of all the industries, the production of virgin and about 38 percent of the country's good pastures, and about 59 percent of the arena scattered nationwide. Nomads also play an important role in securing the country, especially in border areas and remote are responsible and dedicated more than ten thousand martyr honorable and having the largest number of martyrs (the proportion of the population), demonstrate courage, Vlaytmdary, love for the homeland and knighthood community the tribes. In addition to being active and manufacturers are lots of jobs out of the nomadic community in the fields of industrial, commercial and support services, and even though these services, a valuable place in the equations and relations of economic, social and cultural, the lowest interest from investments and services My¬Brnd system, yet least expect, the greatest service to the country addressing. However, in terms of population, this community only 2 percent of the country's population and is considered the lowest cost for the system.
However, it is worth governments in planning, especially in programs achieved horizon military landscape in 1404, a position commensurate with the dignity and needs of nomads, for they believe that the rights of nomads in a way to organize and provide the same services fair the current time will be extended to compensate for past historical retardation.
That's why it was necessary to inform the authorities decision-making and influence in the country, the references in terms of financing and the approval of the authority competent as well as executive agencies and credits, responsible for providing services to the nomadic community are, of Nomadic Affairs Organization Iran to set executive agencies and cultural and social statement be adjusted to refer to it as much as possible, basic familiarity and concise nomadic community provide perhaps more attention and adopt decisions more closely on the development of tribal areas and Accounting to provide a nomadic life Iodine.
In order to claim the rights of the tribes through community planning, national and provincial, Nomadic Affairs Organization of Iran, the strategic plan of the organization of tribes in the Vision 1404 for all the province and council approved the planning and development of the province has to based on in years the fifth program and future plans, allocate resources and take the necessary steps.
Strategic plan to organize tribal specifies that fits with the social, economic and potential environmental resources territorial nomadic, in each province what way (migration or resettlement) and what mechanics in organizing nomads seeking to be, in fact, the best way to better organize shows to nomadic life.
The prospect that the Organization of tribes in the Vision System (1404 AH) for this society has portrayed indices having nomads average should be 46 percent (at the end of the quarter) to 90% in 1404 (96% growth) is reached. If these goals are being achieved and the community access to facilities in rural and urban communities to be minimally acceptable.
It is hoped that the authorities respect the efforts of the executive authorities, it picked realization.
Prepare a strategic plan to organize tribal documents:
In the early stages of planning, decision-making and decision-making to formulate strategic plans and community development and organizing tribal areas upstream Baydbrkhy laws approved documents to be considered, such as:
A) Manndasasnamh pastoralists related legislation, decisions of the Revolutionary Command Council of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, organized a tribal ritual, five-year development plans, approved by the Commission and state infrastructure ....
 B) plan strategic and spatial planning at national and provincial levels
C) the visions of 20-year-old Iranian nomadic community development in 1404
D) the overall goals of the development prospects of the tribal communities
E) goals and missions of Nomadic Affairs Organization of Iran
 C) studies and approved the participation of socio-economic and ecological potentials and capabilities nomadic tribes
The program targets the development prospects of the tribal communities
A) social justice by removing deprivation of tribal areas and adjusted for inequality between urban and rural communities nomadic communities.
B) organizing and improving the quality of life of nomadic tribes in compliance with the requirements of social, economic, cultural and environmental balance.
C) cultural engineering and the dignity of the Iranian - Islamic and spiritual heritage of nomads.
Macro strategies Vision:
1. The restructuring of Nomads on the basis of local management within ecosystems.
2. Increasing the use of appropriate technology and manufacturing capabilities tribes with their indigenous knowledge and skills.
3-enhancing constructive interaction with the environment and environmental resources and related tribes balanced and sustainable livestock and rangeland ecosystems nomads.
4. promotion of human and economic development - social, cultural, rural tribal communities of the index.

6. The formulation and stabilization of interest